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Professional Development Programme @

I am delighted to have been accepted into the highly acclaimed 2024 Professional Development Programme @

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A scholarship for this prestigious programme is an an amazing opportunity to develop my skills and knowledge about the business of being a professional artist, work and network with like minded peers, receive guidance from industry experts (through seminars, one to one sessions and a mentoring) and have opportunities to display my work in exciting commercial spaces.

The programme culminates the NPA lab, an artist-led project which is an inspiring opportunity to facilitate connections in a space designed to foster experimentation and a shift in artistic practice.

I'm honoured and excited to use this opportunity to take my career to the next level!

Read on to find out more about the programme, or visit their website by clicking the logo.

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About is a not-for-profit which supports emerging artists by providing opportunities to present their work and develop their skills to enable them to sustain their careers as professional artists. We do this by providing display opportunities in commercial spaces and equipping artists with practical knowledge and skills to enable their practice to sustain them financially.

About the Professional Development Programme @

The professional development programme is a unique opportunity designed by artists, for artists, providing crucial and practical information on topics relating the business of being an artist. The current programme, comprises studio tours and talks from professional artists, a mentoring scheme and professional development workshops. It also provides the participating artists with opportunities to network and collaborate while the mentoring scheme allows artists to receive one-to-one advice and guidance on specific issues they may be facing.

Topics and workshops include Nourishing Practice Within / Without and Beyond Commercial Representation, How to Price Artworks, Fund Writing for Artists, as well as Artist Contracts and Copyright Law, as well as one-to-one tutorials.

NPA Labs

The NPA Lab marks the conclusion of the professional development programme, and is an opportunity for the artists to spend time working in small groups with a specific theme designed to foster experimentation.  Whether working with an established artist paired with an NPA artist or working in Peer to Peer mentoring, the purpose of the Lab changes each year but the outcome is the same: to provide a platform for an artist-led project that facilitates connections between the artists and provides an opportunity for them to see a shift in their practice.


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