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Welcome to My Blog! Meet The Artist...

Updated: May 11

Hi! I'm so glad you are here...

I'm Louise, a multi-disciplinary artist and single Mum based on the border of Northamptonshire and Oxfordshire in the UK.

As an artist, I have to create a LOT of content for visibility and (mainly) to please the social media gods. A lot of the time it can feel draining and distracting from actually creating my art, but I feel very differently about starting this Blog! I'm actually excited and inspired to write it... so why is it different? Read on for my take on this, but first to give some context here is a little of my story (so far).

Meet The Artist...

My (Late) Creative Awakening

My journey started in 2019 when I left my corporate career to prioritise being a single Mum and discovered the benefits of art for my wellbeing, through colouring for mindfulness. Seeing me colouring, my daughter (then age 6) challenged me to draw for her. I did a pencil drawing of a dog, and surprised myself at how much it actually looked like a dog! She liked the drawing... but told me off for not colouring it in. From there, I started drawing animals for her regularly, making sure they were in colour (!), and so my artistic journey began.

Since these first steps I have developed two distinct sides to my artistic practice and portfolio:

Wildlife Art

The defining moment, which opened up the possibility of a professional art career for me, was when I drew my cat "Bubbles" and it looked like him. I quickly put together a business card and went walking in my local parks, accosting dog walkers and offering a pet portrait service.

A pencil drawing of a tabby cat by Louise Brook
My first drawing of Bubble

From these small beginnings I have had a steady stream of pet portrait commissions, which I love working on for clients. I have also developed an extensive wildlife portfolio taking inspiration from my love of nature, which I have developed into range of greetings cards, art prints and country lifestyle homeware and gift items. I'm proud to have made this an affordable way to own and enjoy my original artwork everyday.

Contemporary Abstracts

In 2022 I decided to explore a more intuitive approach to my art practice. I'm naturally curious, I love reading, and I'm fascinated by all sorts of topics. I wanted to explore how I could express ideas through art that can't be literally drawn or painted, as well as to use my art to raise awareness and spark conversation around these important ideas and themes.

High Rise Living, Louise Brook 2022. A bold conceptual abstract exploring the cost of living crisis.
High Rise Living, 2022. On the Cost of Living Crisis.

This move towards two distinct styles lead me to split my business and branding in 2023. Louise Brook Creative now showcases my abstract work, while Louise Brook Wildlife is home to my wildlife and pet portrait portfolio. This gives better clarity to my followers, customers and galleries and has certainly helped me with my messaging and how I organise the two sides of my art career.

A Curious Human

This nicely takes me back to why I am so excited about this new Blogging adventure...

While there are two businesses there is just one (complicated) human behind both, and my ideas and inspiration often transcend neat categories. I'm excited to share through my blog what inspires and interests me, what I am passionate about and what is making me think and act differently. Topics I am planning to cover in this blog include:

Art, Art, Art

Of course! First and foremost this blog will be about art. I'm looking forward to sharing the inspiration behind my pieces, new work, as well as work in progress and glimpses behind the scenes. I will share tips and tricks about how to make art work for you to get the perfect interior styling and updates on where you can see my work at events and exhibitions.

Nature & Conservation

I am constantly inspired by nature. From the colours and natural beauty of our landscapes to the way being in nature can make us feel more alive and, at the same time, more at ease. I am passionate about preserving our planet for future generations and using my artwork to raise awareness of the importance of conservation and protecting our biodiversity.

Curiosity & Research

I am fascinated by how as humans we are innately curious creatures. I have always enjoyed reading and research; ideas from a variety of sources can spark ideas for new artwork collections. From fascinating books to current affairs, science to music, creative ideas can come from literally anywhere given the space and time.

Creativity & Wellbeing

Art has improved my wellbeing in a myriad of ways and I strongly believe that everyone can benefit from art and creativity. This is a big part of why create art for myself and others. The benefits of art and creativity for wellbeing are now starting to be scientifically proven and I plan to share some helpful insights into this theme.

So, now that you have had the opportunity to meet the artist and understand a little more of what makes me tick and where my creativity is sparked, I hope you will come back for more. There isn't a roadmap for this Blog... although I would love your help to start creating one! I do know that it will be varied, it will be informative and engaging, and it will be fun!

I would love your feedback so do leave me a comment. Until next time...

Louise xxx (Signature Format)

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Hello Im also traditional artist living in British Columbia Canada but also Irish . You can find my story at

Replying to

Hi Maureen, Thank you and it is great to connect 😊


May 01

Wonderful blog post Louise

Replying to

Thank you so much! I'm so glad you enjoyed it 😍


This is an Awesome blog Louise, it is so lovely to read about you and your Journey. You are an Inspiration!

Replying to

Thank you so much Hayley, that is wonderful to hear and I am so happy to have you on this journey with me 😍

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