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Original Abstract Art entitled "High Rise Living" by Louise Brook

Original Abstracts

Every abstract piece and collection is a journey. A journey which sometimes takes me in unusual, surprising and unexpected directions. A journey where I accompany the viewer, building a narrative and telling a story through exciting layers of rich texture and mark making, creating a compelling visual experience. 

My inspiration is wide ranging and stems from a broad, natural curiosity to explore complex topics. I love to use story telling and discovery to explore contemporary narratives or more complex overarching themes. My intention is to inform and intrigue, sparking interest, curiosity, and conversation.

Below is an overview of my most recent collections, together with an insight into my inspiration or the works. Artworks that are available for sale can be found in my Abstract Shop, where you can also view more detailed pictures that I have thoughtfully curated on each product page.


“An exciting new abstract collection highlighting biodiversity loss with the aim to engage, inform and educate about this critical environmental issue through the visual arts. ”

Cotswold Pennycress, Red Helleborine & Twinflower are some of the most critically endangered wildflowers in the UK and are beautifully showcased in the most recent trio of works by the same name, from Louise Brook.


Prompted by coverage of the COP15 summit in late 2022, Louise was compelled to research the extent and impact of biodiversity loss, particularly in the UK, and this collection was created as the artist’s response to this environmental crisis. 

Working with an exciting mix of acrylic & mixed media, this collection of bold, striking abstract works showcases endangered UK wildflowers, while collage and other elements in the composition spotlight species (such as the hedgehog and turtledove) that are in sharp decline as a result of modern living and agriculture. 


Cotswold Pennycress 

Red Helliborine



“A journey through human evolution. Bridges through time linking past and present, telling a story of intelligence, endeavour and discovery.”


The “Bridges” Collection by Louise Brook is a bold, striking abstract series, using an exciting mix of acrylic and mixed media. Inspiration for the collection was the theme of evolution and, in particular, the evolution of human intelligence. Collage papers throughout the layers of the original pieces chart the course of human development and achievements over time; from cave painting to scientific formulae, classical literature to technical blueprints and genealogy (drawn from Louise’s late father’s work) to complex bridge design, which lend the series its name.

Shop Collection


“A contemporary narrative around the challenges of modern day living, motivated by concerns on the cost of living crisis and a reflection on the artist's switch from urban to rural living. ”

The “Urban” Collection by Louise Brook consists of three powerful works. Created in May 2022 the works are a narrative around events that continue to dominate current affairs, as well as a reflection on the artist's personal experience and observations of relocating out of London to a rural location. 

High Rise Living 

Urban Jungle

To The Surface


“A landmark collection, marking the artist's dramatic shift from realism to contemporary abstract art. This series is full of exciting texture and layer upon layer of interest and unexpected surprises.”

The “New Horizons” Collection by Louise Brook consists of three dramatic works, using bold tonal contrasts and a rich array of experimental techniques and mark-making. Layer upon layer of acrylic and mixed media build an exciting visual experience with impact from afar and delightful surprises up close. 


“Coastal Azure" & "Alizarin Days" are two stunning series of mini mixed media pieces. Holding a special meaning for the artist these mini original pieces are proving a popular choice!

There are currently pieces from two abstract mini series available: "Coastal Azure" (Blue) & "Alizarin Days" (Red). These pieces hold a special meaning for the artist, incorporating some of her late father's genealogical papers into the collage material. If you look closely you can see snippets of beautifully neat, hand-drawn family trees in some of the pieces; a unique way of marking one lifelong work and passion in that of the next generation. 


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