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Original Abstracts

Every abstract piece and collection is a journey. A journey which sometimes takes me in unusual, surprising and unexpected directions. A journey where I accompany the viewer, building a narrative and telling a story through exciting layers of rich texture and mark making, creating a compelling visual experience. 

My inspiration is wide ranging and stems from a broad, natural curiosity to explore complex topics. I love to use story telling and discovery to explore contemporary narratives or more complex overarching themes. My intention is to inform and intrigue, sparking interest, curiosity, and conversation.

Dive into my Virtual Galleries on the following pages. Each Virtual Gallery features a collection, showcasing each piece with a carefully curated gallery of pictures which show the work framed, as well as the close up details.


All artworks that are available for sale can be purchased directly from the Virtual Gallery pages or in my Abstract Shop. As always if you have any questions please reach out, I'm always happy to help!

Surfacing is a dramatic abstract triptych by Louise Brook, inspired by the colours and movement of the oceans. The striking composition and beautiful colours of this piece combine with rich layers, mark making and beautiful textural detail to deliver a compelling visual experience.

Four beautiful botanical abstract mixed media works, inspired by the benefits of nature and art for wellbeing. This collection aims to combine these two powerful forces, with a deliberate feeling of lightness and space giving a sense of quietly waiting to be filled with the viewer’s own unique experience of the Seasons.

“An exciting new abstract collection inspiration by the uniquely human preoccupation with Time, which challenged the artist to rethink and re-evaluate her relationship with Time, through this thought provoking and fascinating exploration of our most precious resource.

“An exciting new (2023) abstract collection highlighting biodiversity loss with the aim to engage, inform and educate about this critical environmental issue through the visual arts. ”

“A journey through human evolution. Bridges through time linking past and present, telling a story of intelligence, endeavour and discovery.”

Shop Collection

“A contemporary narrative around the challenges of modern day living, motivated by concerns on the cost of living crisis and a reflection on the artist's switch from urban to rural living. ”

“A landmark collection, marking the artist's dramatic shift from realism to contemporary abstract art. This series is full of exciting texture and layer upon layer of interest and unexpected surprises.”

“Coastal Azure" & "Alizarin Days" are two stunning series of mini mixed media pieces. Holding a special meaning for the artist these mini original pieces are proving a popular choice!


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