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Breaking News! I have Made the Longlist!

🎉✨️BREAKING NEWS! I have Made the Longlist ✨️🎉

I am beyond thrilled to have been longlisted for the Visual Artists Association Professional Artist Award 2024. With over 1000 entries from artists across the globe, I am thrilled and honoured to have this recognition for my artwork.

Certificate of Achievement for being Longlisted in the Visual Artists Association Professional Artist of the Year Awards 2024., with a collage of the work by Louise Brook selected for this award.

Breaking news! I have made the longlist

Being an artist can be quite a solitary pursuit. Working alone in the studio often leads to over thinking and questioning: the art, the process, the skill... the list goes on. Whilst, in a perfect world, we shouldn't really need external validation, as humans we just don't work like that! So, recognition such as this award is really important, uplifting and affirming.

I am extremely grateful to the Visual Artists Association for this award and I have everything crossed for the next stages of this competition!

About The Visual Artists Association

"The VAA has a vision to build the world’s leading professional artist community to leave a legacy of artists who ultimately fulfil their career potential and make a living from selling their talent."

"The VAA champion artists at all stages of their careers to succeed in the business of art. We don’t believe that the cultural myth of the “impoverished artist” needs to exist. Instead, you will find VAA assisting Artists in building their businesses by generating sales via marketing and distribution channels (self-representation, galleries, publishers) as well as advising on personal brand creation, alongside the practicalities of managing your arts business.

The VAA offers members the right tools to succeed including; access to a range of training, business advice services, online resources, events, as well access to a supportive and progressive community. The Association is open to new and emerging artists as well as established artists."


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