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“A journey through human evolution. Bridges through time linking past and present, telling a story of intelligence, endeavour and discovery.”


I'm excited to announce that my “Bridges” Collection is now available as a coaster set. Inspired by the evolution of human intelligence, collage papers throughout the layers of the original pieces chart the course of human achievement; from cave painting to science, literature to music, blueprints to genealogy...


The images have been faithfully produced from the original, with vibrant colours and an incredible depth of detail which preserves the original intention and story. Each set of four (4) coasters is presented in a biodegradable / compostable cello, together with an inlay describing the artistic inspiration and intention behand the series, making this set perfect for gifting.


Taking you on a journey through time, these are bound to add interest to your tea or coffee time and spark conversation around the table!   

"Bridges" Abstract Coaster Collection

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