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My first solo exhibition, "Transition", curated by Influx Gallery (London) takes you on a virtual journey through my developing and evolving abstract portfolio with collections from 2022 and 2023 showcased in an amazing virtual gallery. Powered by state of the art exhibition technology, you are bale to 3D virtual tour, undistracted by others, or browse virtually at your leisure. With either option you can zoom in and out seamlessly in exceptional resolution to enjoy the detail, depth and textures of each artwork. 

Four collections are beautifully showcased here: Urban, Bridges, Biodiversity & Chronos.

Inaugurated in August 2023, I am delighted that this exhibition is still available for you to enjoy.

Click the button below to visit the Exhibition. I would love to hear what you think! 

Solo Exhibition: TRANSITION by Louise Brook

Exhibition Flyer for "Transition" A Solo Exhibition by Louise Brook

Exhibition Flyer & Certificate for "Transition" the Solo Exhibition by Louise Brook


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