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1st January 2024 to 1st January 2025

I am delighted to announce my first 2024 International Exhibition: Perpetual. The Perpetual exhibition at Influx Gallery is presented on a state of the art virtual platform to be enjoyed worldwide. Take a virtual guided tour, wander through the exhibition at your own pace, or select from the exhibition catalogue to go directly to pieces that excite you!

Featuring "Red Helleborine" from my 2023 Biodiversity Collection, the exceptional resolution of this virtual exhibition and the ability to zoom right in, allows you to enjoy the texture, details and depth of my work with amazing clarity. Get up close to art on this innovative platform!

I'm truly honoured to have my work showcased in this wonderful exhibition alongside such talented and exciting artists from around the globe. There are also lots of interesting in-depth artist interviews, which are well worth a read. Click on the buttons below to visit the exhibition and read what I had to say!

Promotional Flyer for the Perpetual Virtual International Art Exhibition  at Influx Gallery, featuring Louise Brook


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