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Look At Me!

Look At Me!

"Look At Me!" is a gorgeous signed, original piece in 100% Dry Coloured Pencil. It depicts a magnificent peacock in full display, with incredible details and striking colours. Layer upon layer of dry coloured pencil on professional drawing paper give this piece incredible depth and the vibrant colours would make this a statement piece and a striking addition to any home decor.


Year: 2021

Medium: 100% Dry Coloured Pencil

Unframed Dimensions: 25 x 17 cm

Framed Dimensions: 40 x 31.5 cm (professionally framed)


"Look At Me!" is offered for sale, professionally mounted and framed (as pictured).  The chic black frame perfectly complements the bold colourng of the peacock and being neutral works well with most decors.


Should you wish to purchase the piece unframed, or discuss alternative framing options then please get in contact. I am always happy to help my collectors achieve the perfect look for their home, business or gallery.

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