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“Exploring and revealing the impact of biodiversity loss in the UK through the visual arts, with the aim to engage, inform and educate about this critical environmental issue.”


The “Biodiversity” Collection by Louise Brook is a bold, striking abstract series, using an exciting mix of acrylic and mixed media. Inspired and concerned by coverage of the COP15 summit in late 2022, Louise was compelled to research the extent and impact of biodiversity loss, particularly in the UK. This collection was created as the artist’s response to this environmental crisis.  


Cotswold Pennycress, Red Helleborine & Twinflower are amongst the most threatened species of wildflowers in the UK and are beautifully showcased in this collection of works. Collage has been woven through the layers of the piece to spotlight species, such as hedgehogs, bees and turtledoves, that are in sharp decline as a result of modern living and agriculture.  


The “Biodiversity” Coaster collection is a unique and affordable way to own and enjoy these art works, as well as raising awareness of one of the most critical environmental challenges of our time AND supporting the cause*. The images have been faithfully produced from the original, with vibrant colours and an incredible depth of detail which preserves the original intention and narrative.


Available as:

Singles - mix and match, please select your designs.

Set of 3 - supplied as 3 singles, 1 of each design, unpackaged.

Set of 6 - supplied in a gift / presentation pack (as pictured) together with detailed artists insight and biodegradable / compostable cello packaging. 


*10% of sale proceeds from the Biodiversity Collection and associated products, including this coaster set, will be donated to a wildlife/conservation charity. Discussions are currently ongoing, and the chosen charity will be announced via my website soon.

"Biodiversity" Abstract Coaster Collection

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