Choose Your Favourite Picture

Choose a lasting and memorable photo of your pet(s). Don't be afraid to choose a photograph with lots of character and the higher the resolution of the image the better. If you are undecided choose a few and we can discuss during the commissioning process.


Email Me!!

Send me your photos, specifying the size of custom pet portrait you wish to commission plus any special requirements, such as delivery timescales or preference for graphite vs coloured pencil.


Let's Collaborate to Make it Perfect ...

I will come back to you, usually within a couple of working days to confirm the commission. At this point I will ask questions, make any artistic suggestions I have (such as precise sizing and types of materials). We will agree the price, delivery timescales* and other details.

*Delivery is usually within 2-4 weeks but depends on the time of year and commission volume.


Updates and Delivery of Your Unique Piece

If you wish, I will send you up to four work in progress photographs. Most clients do not want to receive the final photo, keeping the surprise of the final original artwork until delivery... but it is entirely up to you! I will let you know when the package has been posted and can't wait to receive an email back from you when you have received my work.

Happy Pup
Cat's Eye
Feline Friend
Laptop Typing on Bed
Image by Camylla Battani
Image by Plush Design Studio
Evolution of a tabbycat portrait_#drawin